Hospital Professional Liability Claims Severity Continues Relentless Rise

As seen on Beazley: Tort Reform Proponents on Defensive 27 October 2014 The severity of hospital professional liability claims rose for the eighth consecutive year in 2013, according to new research by Beazley, a leading insurer of hospital ... [Continue Reading]

Safeguard Your Patients From Healthcare Data Breaches

As data breaches are making their way as a common part of our society, it is no longer a matter of if a breach will occur in your healthcare organization, but when.  Healthcare data breaches are inevitable due to that fact that we entrust a majority ... [Continue Reading]

2014 Priorities For The Healthcare Industry

As seen on Frobes: The U.S. healthcare industry is undergoing unprecedented changes right now. The reforms of the Affordable Care Act, greater consumer choice, public and private exchanges, and new technology are all upending operating business ... [Continue Reading]

Top 10 Healthcare Trends to Watch

As seen on The Camden Group: Your 2014 agenda:  Exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and consolidation.  With mid-term elections, insurance exchanges (love them or hate them), provider consolidation, cost management, and an economy that is growing ... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Workers Compensation in the Workplace

Business owners have a duty to protect their organization the fullest. In doing so, you must obtain a workers compensation policy that maximizes coverage in the workplace. Despite popular belief, workers compensation policies protect both employers ... [Continue Reading]

Second Obamacare Open Enrollment Period – How Many Will Enroll?

It is no surprise that the first Obamacare open enrollment period did not go as planned. With website malfunctions and consumer confusion, many Americans failed to obtain health insurance during the first Obamacare open enrollment period. With the ... [Continue Reading]

Hospitals Cutting Costs By Eliminating Unnecessary Measures

With so many changes in the healthcare industry after the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, it is important that we consider how these changes will affect our lives and more importantly, our health. As health care becomes more standardized ... [Continue Reading]