Code changes might disrupt paperwork, payments and monitoring

The healthcare industry is hoping for the best, but bracing for possible disruptions as thousands of new diagnostic codes that doctors must use to be paid go into effect. The Oct. 1 deadline to implement the latest version of the International ... [Continue Reading]

Doctors, Patients view digital health tech differently

 Patients view emerging medical technology with more enthusiasm and support than health care professionals, according to a new survey. The survey results show that consumers are more willing to adopt medical technology, from smartphones to genetic ... [Continue Reading]

Hospitals treating sickest patients penalized by Medicare, study finds

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that hospitals treating the most vulnerable patients may not be getting the necessary resources from Medicare. Over the past few years, Medicare has fined hospitals if too many patients returned to a ... [Continue Reading]

The stethoscope gets a digital update

The stethoscope, that traditional tool doctors use to listen to the heart and a symbol of medicine itself, hasn’t changed much in the 200 years since its invention. Eko Devices, a Silicon Valley startup, wants to bring the stethoscope into the ... [Continue Reading]

Data breaches can cost C-level executives their careers

A chief executive is losing a job over a data breach was not a concern just a few years ago. Today, hackers are proving they can blow through companies’ security systems, erode consumer trust and abruptly end careers for the people in charge.  Avid ... [Continue Reading]

Utah Health System learning the true costs of hospital care

Most businesses know the cost of everything that goes into a product, but medicine is different. What’s the actual cost of an hour in the operating room? The University of Utah Health Care is starting to get answers. Thanks to a major computer ... [Continue Reading]

Credit Card fraud liability shift starts in October

The liability from the use of fraudulent credit cards is shifting on Oct. 1 from card issuers to merchants. Card issuers, such as banks or credit unions, had assumed all the liability from counterfeit or stolen credit card transactions. Under the ... [Continue Reading]