Transactional insurance gains traction in US as dealmaking picks up pace

As seen on Advisen Insurance Intelligence:  By Cate Chapman on April 8, 2015 Transactional insurance is taking off in the US, along with a so-called sellers’ market in M&A. One reason is the insurance saves a company that is being sold, ... [Continue Reading]

Hospitals’ Need For Sharing Cybersecurity Information

Recent Attacks Highlight The Importance Of Cybersecurity For Hospitals Until recently, hospitals were not a primary point of focus for cyber attacks as retail stores took center stage. Then came the Community Health System breach in the beginning of ... [Continue Reading]

Ten Strategies for Successfully Resolving a Medical Malpractice Claim ­­

As seen on SCAHRM: Jayme T. Vaccaro, J.D.   From never being afraid to try a case – any case – to knowing what ultimately motivates the plaintiff, thinking outside the box and creativity can be a mantra for successfully resolving medical ... [Continue Reading]

Professional Liability Alert: MICRA’s Cap on Noneconomic Damages Does Not Apply to Joint Tortfeasor’s Pre-Trial Settlement to Offset Damages Award at Trial

As seen on Haight Brown & Bonesteel: In Rashidi v. Moser (No. S214430, filed 12/15/2014), the California Supreme Court held that in medical professional negligence cases, the noneconomic damages cap applies only to the amount of damages ... [Continue Reading]

Non-Traditional Voluntary Benefits To Consider Offering

Draw New Talent And Retain Your Best With These Benefits As the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act has changed the way employers offer traditional voluntary benefits such as health care to their employees, employers who are looking to ... [Continue Reading]

PPACA And Tax Season Intersect, Create Complications

Health Care Reform Creates New Complexities During Tax Season Tax season is generally a time when many Americans feel confusion, but that sentiment will be compounded this year as the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) creates ... [Continue Reading]

House Passes TRIA Renewal; Senate Leader Vows Quick Action Also

As seen on Insurance Journal: The U.S. House of Representatives voted to reauthorize a government backstop for insurers’ losses from acts of terrorism after lawmakers let the measure expire last month. The legislation, which will extend the ... [Continue Reading]