Top 10 Healthcare Trends to Watch

As seen on The Camden Group: Your 2014 agenda:  Exchanges, Medicaid expansion, and consolidation.  With mid-term elections, insurance exchanges (love them or hate them), provider consolidation, cost management, and an economy that is growing ... [Continue Reading]

The Importance of Workers Compensation in the Workplace

Business owners have a duty to protect their organization the fullest. In doing so, you must obtain a workers compensation policy that maximizes coverage in the workplace. Despite popular belief, workers compensation policies protect both employers ... [Continue Reading]

Second Obamacare Open Enrollment Period – How Many Will Enroll?

It is no surprise that the first Obamacare open enrollment period did not go as planned. With website malfunctions and consumer confusion, many Americans failed to obtain health insurance during the first Obamacare open enrollment period. With the ... [Continue Reading]

Hospitals Cutting Costs By Eliminating Unnecessary Measures

With so many changes in the healthcare industry after the enactment of the Affordable Care Act, it is important that we consider how these changes will affect our lives and more importantly, our health. As health care becomes more standardized ... [Continue Reading]

Do I Need Cyber Liability Insurance?

Recent cyber-attacks and data breaches in large companies such as Target and Home Depot have stirred conversation and worry amongst businesses. Do I need cyber-liability insurance? Despite common business owner belief, a general commercial liability ... [Continue Reading]

How Will the ACA Affect Medical Professional Liability?

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many individuals and businesses are left wondering how the new law will affect their life. One major change is already apparent: we have now shifted from a volume-based health care industry into a ... [Continue Reading]

Flash flood rips through hospital

As seen on CNN: A flash flood bursts through the locked doors of a hospital cafeteria. Check out the whole story here! To make sure your business has the proper insurance in case of flooding, contact Chivaroli & Associates.  ... [Continue Reading]